Our pens are creative, functional and highly collectible. Each one is designed and created by artists who specialize in genre’s that are meaningful to them.

We pride ourselves in marrying American made products with Americana fine artists. Our artists have been hand selected to meet the caliber of artistic expression that we know will match the caliber, function and design of the Penscape pen.

We also know that the nib makes the pen. We have combined the beauty of fine art with the pleasure of fine writing. Our nibs perform a broad spectrum of performances; from the Super Flex of the Titanium to a wonderfully smooth rigid feel of 18k gold. We also feature cursive italics with Pendleton Points by Pendleton Brown.

Our pens are not just limited editions, but special editions. This means that no two pens are identical. Each pen is crafted by the original artist. We pride ourselves in giving a service that no other pen company can give, and that is pens that are customĀ  fine art. The pens can use a variety of materials like brass, silver, titanium, stainless steel, and antique woods.

Our mission is simple; “To bring you the finest of art expression on a beautiful, ergonomic, fine writing instrument.”

Find out more about Penscapes founder, Roger Cromwell