Alysen Lindsey

Art Nouveau

 “Every mistake can be made into something beautiful.” This is the phrase my mom would say to me ever since the time I could pick up a pencil.

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Brandon Rosa

Biblical and Presidential motifs

"Without vision we perish, and every piece of artwork begins with a vision" - King B Artistry

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Nature Artist

“My mother told me that I have been drawing since the time I could hold on to my crayons. My first recognizable scribble came at the age of three, in the form of a blue rabbit.

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Edwin Abrescy

Dragons, Snakes, Surrealism

"A dream is something that radiates hope, and can't let go of you, even if you could let it go."I experience the world as an interaction between that which is both inside, and outside of my being.

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Josh Harrison

Master Finisher

A master car and motorcycle painter as well as a skilled artist. Josh captures the drama and nuances of each artist's work to create a finished pen that will excite the eyes and enhance each painting.

He brings to you our newest series of Signature Color Penscapes Pens.

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Landon Richmond


Making art is my life’s purpose; it is the reason for each breath I take. I consider myself a self-taught painter, my work stems from the early years of my childhood.  After a short period attending a formal art school; resistance to surrender my artistic style and a personal need to figure things out on my own ultimately led to my departure toward a safer realm of self-discovery.

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