Deni's Bio

“My mother told me that I have been drawing since the time I could hold on to my crayons. My first recognizable scribble came at the age of three, in the form of a blue rabbit. My work has always been about nature. I can't tell you the thrill I get when I am in the natural world, no buildings, no man-made structures of any kind. Observing the amazing and intricate details of God's creation inspires me to create the things I experience and see there.  Someone once said that "Artists interpret the world for the rest of us." I believe it is why I was meant to paint, draw and construct. What an honor it is to translate the universe in artistic expression,  to bring joy to others...and to keep pointing them back to the amazing, imaginative Author of Art, Himself."

Deni is a San Francisco Bay Area artist whose resume includes working with HGTV as a creative director for a Curb Appeal episode, published art in Somerset Studios Magazine and as an art instructor to students of all ages. Her work can be found in fine boutiques in the Bay Area and beyond. She is also a photographer, jewelry maker, and collage artist. Her favorite medium is using watercolor pencils. She enjoys creating illustrations of animals and sea life. She combines her hand painted illustrations with digital technology to create unique cards and prints.

Her love of winged creatures and the sea inspires much of her art in which ever medium she uses.

“There is something deep within me that yearns to fly. Perhaps it’s the freedom that one with wings possesses or the ability to defy gravity….to be boundless, with the wind in your feathers and the world at your reach.”