Q. Who is Penopooly and how long have you been in business?

A. Penscapes is owned and operated by Roger Cromwell who is also the owner of Penopoly Pens. Penscapes grew out of opportunites Roger saw when he was operating Penopoly. Penscapes focuses on producing and manufacturing pens designed by Roger.

Q.  What kind of pens do you sell?

A.  Penscapes sells pens that are fine art. We have pens that are handpainted by artists, that are exquisite examples of design and machining technology and other pens that showcase the work of our artists.

Q.  Do you accept credit cards for payment?

A.   Yes. We accept Mastercard , Visa, Pay-pal, and personal checks.

Q. How do I place an order?

A. Penscapes pens are sold through Penopoly Pens. Please visit the Penscapes page on the Penopoly web site at http://penopoly.com/category/pens/penscapes/ to see our current inventory and prices.

Q. How do you ship?

A. Most orders are shipped insured via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. UPS and FedEx are also options. Unless otherwise instructed we will ship via the least expensive method that will ensure safe delivery of your order. We also ship worldwide, actual shipping charges will depend on the destination.

Q. Do you have warranties for your pens?

A. We have a three day return policy for any pen with a defect. We stand behind all vintage pens we sell to work properly when purchased from us.

Q. How can I contact Penopoly by mail?

A.Our shipping address is :

Penopoly Pens

20885 Redwood Rd #165

Castro Valley, CA 94536