Special Guests

Thursday morning Roger drove to Oakland Air Terminal to pick up our special guests who flew in on their private jet just to take a little ol’ visit to Penopoly-Penscapes studios. Dr. William Spears; the go-to-guy in Washington DC for Energy Education along with his beautiful wife , and famous preacher and author O.S. Hawkins and his lovely wife were very impressed with Penopoly’s amazing collection of fine fountain pens.  Dr. Spears purchased a few pens, one of them being a custom Presidential Penscapes Pen by Brandon Rosa.  They were delightful company. We took them to Val’s for lunch, and there were burgers and shakes all around!  They loved it!

Penscapes Pens is really taking flight as new designs come in weekly from the artists.  Did you see the new Penelope in the Odyssey pen from Aly….or the First Flight dragon pen from our newest artist, Edwin Abrescy?? Our artists are more amazing and talented then we had ever hoped for.  We will have our pens at the Miami Pen Show http://www.miamipenshow.com/ coming up in a few weeks. I will be painting pens at the Miami show, so stop on by.  We will have our big launch at the Washington DC Pen Show  http://pencentral.com/ in August.

The energy and buzz in the pen community is very exciting for this new pen company. It’s been hard work, long hours and a learning curve bigger than any I’ve been a part of.  It’s been worth every second, 100%.  The future looks bright indeed for this little company that could and has brought amazing works of art to the pen community. We will continue to impress you with our work and continue to grow as we bring on more talented artist to the Penscapes family.

Be happy~paint pens,


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