Steampunk pens update

As you know our Steampunk collection are all one of a kind hand machined pens. The artist/machinist designs each pen and fabricates the pieces out of brass, copper, silver, wood and other materials. Each piece is hand fabricated and assembled.

Unlike many trophy pens the Steampunk pens are designed to write. They are light weight with a good heft to feel good in your hand. The nibs range from a fine flexy titanium to solid gold medium and broads. In addition for those who enjoy great stub nibs we have the Pendleton Point fine and medium cursive italic nibs done by Pendleton Brown.

We receive the Steampunk pens as they are completed. They arrive a few at a time. Right now our current stock is four designs. We are also taking reservations for future pens. Reservations will be filled in the order of purchase.


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